Ceramic Tile Tips/FAQs

What are ceramic floor tiles and how are they made?

Ceramic floor tiles are made of clay, sand and other natural minerals. They are molded into the desired shape, colored, then fired at a high temperature.

What are porcelain floor tiles and how are they made?

Porcelain floor tiles are made of a type of ceramic composed of fine grained porcelain clay and minerals. They are shaped and then fired at temperatures often higher than other types of ceramic, making them extremely solid and moisture resistant.

What are the similarities/differences between ceramic tile and stone?

Both are hard surfaces that are cold to the touch and unforgiving on dropped objects. There are many differences, however. Natural stone will vary in color and can have unique flaws, while ceramic tile is more consistent and uniform. Stone is also more difficult to maintain as periodic deep-cleaning and sealing needs to be done. Stone tend to absorb moisture or “breathe”, making it prone to stains. Stone flooring is generally expected to be a harder material than ceramic, although that is not true all the time. For example, in freezing conditions, some types of slate can literally “explode”.

What are the advantages of tile flooring?

Tile flooring is an extremely durable, long lasting choice. It is often moisture, stain and wear resistant and is very easy to clean and maintain.

What are the disadvantages of tile flooring?

Tile flooring is usually cold to the touch. Also, tile floors can be slippery when wet. Although it is stronger and more moisture resistant than some other flooring options, tile flooring can crack, chip or have other issues.

What is the average lifetime of tile flooring?

When properly installed and maintained, tile floors can last a lifetime.

How do I choose the right grout?

You should choose a color that blends with the colors in the tile. The color of the grout will slightly vary in each installation due to different environmental factors and installation methods, so finding an exact match may be difficult. Darker grout tends to be easier to keep clean.

Will there be variations in floor tile in the same box?

Yes. Floor tiles will have slight variations in color, texture or markings due to the way they are manufactured. This adds character and style to your tile floors.

What could be causing cracks in my ceramic tile floor?

There is always possibility of an individual fractured tile usually caused by being impacted by an object dropping on it. This type of fracture is repaired by replacing the damaged tile. If the crack goes from one tile to another on a continuous line through the grout line, the problem, is usually a cracked slab. The damaged tiles would have to be removed, a crack isolation membrane installed and the tile reinstalled.

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