Vinyl Tips/FAQs

Can I use area rugs or mats on my vinyl floor?

Yes. Look for those marked colorfast. Do not use rubber-backed mats as the chemicals they contain may permanently stain your floor.

Where can I install vinyl flooring?

Vinyl flooring can be installed in almost any situation, above, below, or on grade. It is okay to use in bathrooms and basements, however the adhesive is sometimes water soluble and should not be exposed to water for an extended period of time. You can install vinyl flooring over concrete, hardwood, or plywood, but not over carpet, chipboard or particle board. Installing vinyl over existing vinyl is possible but it is not recommended that you install over two or more pre-existing layers.

Can sunlight fade the color of vinyl flooring?

Yes, all vinyl floors are prone to fading in direct sunlight. It is recommended that you close blinds or drapes on sunny days to protect your vinyl flooring.

Is there anything I can do to make my vinyl floor shine more?

Generally all your vinyl floor needs to shine is a good cleaning. When this doesn’t do the trick, follow your manufacturers recommendations to restore the shine.

Can a chip or scratch be repaired?

Chips and deep scratches in vinyl generally cannot be removed, but can be hidden or concealed. Most manufacturers have products specifically for repairing chips and scratches.

How do I remove scuff marks from the vinyl floor?

To remove scuff marks try rubbing a drop of mineral spirits, turpentine, paint thinner or baby oil over the mark. Then wipe the scuff away with a soft cloth. If you try any of these methods, be sure to wipe the floor thoroughly with a damp cloth afterwards, as these solutions can leave the floor slippery.

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